Beast of the Month: April '18

April's Beast of the Month is.......... Nicholas Filannino! He has been with us for a little over a year now, but this last semester he has been super consistent and that has made a huge difference for him.

Here is the crazy part about this kid, the more he comes in, the harder he seems to work. He is constantly adding weight to the bar even when he isn't sure if he can do it. His strength has gone through the roof this past semester. I am pretty sure he has PR'ed every lift.

What about his skill work? Well, his pullups and toes to bar have come so freaking far. Ever watch him do handstand pushups? Yeah, he may fall off the wall a few (dozen) times, but here is the thing..... He gets back on it! That is what it is all about folks! Fail? Just try it again til you succeed!

His work ethic has been crazy lately. Like I said, he just seems to push himself harder every time he is in. Just last week he went all out to try and finish a workout before the time cap. I think he missed it by like 29 reps (which was really impressive for that workout). Dam did he try his hardest.

Nick is always supportive of others and pushes his fellow Beasts to work their hardest. He is a golden standard for Beast of the Month and he absoultely deserves it! Keep it up BEASTS!