Beast of the Month: January '18

January's BEAST Of The Month goes to one of the hardest working and dedicated individuals that I have had the pleasure to work with, Kristen Roberts!

For almost a year, she has been coming in early on the weekends to get after challenging workouts and as a result has lost close to 40pounds. However, her hard work, dedication, and results aren't the only reasons she is this months BOM....

Since she can only come in twice a week, she goes to the gym during the week. Hittng anything from an easy 30min walk, smashing weights, or working on the movements she struggles most at (burpees, wall balls, clean and press, rows.... you get the idea). On Tuesday's she can be found playing volleyball, serving, setting, and spiking her team to victory!

I can't count how many times I have heard her say the following....

"I want to do extra burpees this round" "I have been working on (insert difficult movement here) during the week" "I already have my meals planned for the week" "I was really impressed with so-and-so at the strongman class" (sometimes she stays after to watch)

Kristen has been creating habits for long term success. Getting a routine to get her workouts in, getting on top of her sleep, drinking more water, and making smart, heathly food choices. Keep up the good work Kristen, you are the BOM!