Beast of the Month: March '18

I am sure everyone has been wondering who is March's Beast of the Month.... Well, it is one of our dedicated Beasts that has been with us for about a year now. He has had some time off due to summer vacation (what is that????) and swimming. That's right, March's BOM is Ben Sitts!

He started with us last year immediately after the swim season was over and really got after it. During the summer he moved back home and did what he could at a local gym. Lifting weights and trying to stay in shape. Come fall, his summer progress showed. Turns out he is a Beast where ever he trains!!!

He trained hard during the fall, but unfortunately had to stop because swimming got intense. However, as soon as it finished, he was back at it again. He quickly realized that he was not where he left off and has pushed hard to get back to where he was. While he is not there yet, the progress can already be seen.

Ben enjoys all aspects of what we do at Beast. The weightlifting. The skill work. The cardio. He enjoys a challenge and pushes himself to beat the clock. He enjoys the experience so much he shares the experience with others! Dragging his poor friends in to get tortured--I mean workout.

He works hard and has fun while doing it. Isn't that what its all about???

(Also, I forgot to take a photo before he left for spring break so..... )