Beast of the Month: June 2018

June's Beast of the Month goes to arguably our most dedicated member, Kristie Sullivan!

She has been going to Beast for 3 years now and sometimes I think she loves the place more than I do!

Kristie always focuses on her technique because she knows it will make the movements easier, help build the right muscles, and keep her pain free! She always helps her partners out giving them little tips. Reminding them to brace and set up well! She always encourages others to work their hardest and be the best that they can.

While she may get discouraged by certain movements, she still works hard at everything, even the movements she struggles with. And while some days don't go her way, she learns from the experience because that's what it takes to improve.

Everyday she comes ready to not just work, but to also have fun! Keep up the good work, Kristie! You truly deserve to be Beast of the Month!