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As of Friday, August 4th, 2023 the gym is under new management and will no longer be Beast Fitness.  Check out the link below for more information

"Beast Fitness to me is all about growth and confidence! I walked in almost eight years ago being a person who hated going to a standard gym because I would always walk around not knowing what I was doing. BEAST teaches you the fundamentals of weight training and fitness and helps you grow and build at your own pace to become a confident athlete. Brendan takes the time to work with you on each movement to get better and grow. No other gym compares!"


"Adaptability in movement and in life. Gyms shut down = at home workout and a group chat for accountability, need extra space to work out = workout in the park. In terms of movement and limitations there is always a modification available. Looking for a modification but don’t actually need one, great news you will be brought out of your comfort zone and challenged with the movement as written. I think Beast is the total package when it comes to gums. Exercise + community + fun :)"

"I stepped outside of my comfort zone almost 5 years ago when I walked into BEAST. I am better mentally and physically because of it. I have gained some great friendships and continuously learn new things each time I’m there. It’s an outlet that I need, that I rely on, and never regret the choice to go. Ever."

"A way to hold back the tick tock of time. Keep our muscles in good working order. Use it or loose it.

Started 8 yrs ago at 62, understand I still need it at 70 and will continue. Brendan is also a good source to help with strengthening areas of weakness or injuries. Potsdam is lucky to have Brendan and Beast Fitness!"


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