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These cross training classes are the new definition of fitness. Our classes vary every day.  In these classes we are going to lift weights.  We are going to toss around dumbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls.  We are going to run, jump, skip, hop, and crawl.  We are gonna climb up on the rig, swing around, and pull our selves up.  We are going to do burpees (s0 many burpees...).  We are gonna build muscle, strength, and get that heart rate up!

Here is the best part.  We can scale the workout to all abilities because we have individuals of all levels participating.  We have newbies.  We have college kids and moms and grandmoms.  We have people that have never been in a gym before, athletes, and everything in between!

Can't do a pullup?  That's okay! We can do assisted pullups or another movement that works the same muscle groups!  Something too easy??  Don't worry, I can make it harder!  Something too hard?  We can always make it easier!

Class Schedule:

Monday-Friday:  5:50-6:30 am (M/W/F only), 8 am, 4:25 pm, 5:30 pm

To keep our classes at a reasonable size, we do require everyone to sign up ahead of time.  The sign up page can be found here.

Personal Training

Personal Training is an individualized approach to training and working out.  The workouts and programs are specific to the individuals needs and goals and there is often a much heavier emphasis on nutrition and weight loss.  A lot of the same movements that are performed in classes are also performed in personal training because of their effectiveness.  Personal training is an hour session where the individual client works one on one with Owner and Head Coach, Brendan Hofler.

We also offer monthly programming which again, is specific to the individual just like personal training.  The difference is that there is no one on one work.  Rather the individual is responsible to complete the workouts correctly on their own.

Open Gym

Got your workout plan already covered?  That's why we have open gym hours.  So you can come on in and get your workout done!

Open gym is also free to all class members.  That way if you can't make it to a class that day you can still come in and get your workout in!

Open Gym Hours

Monday-Friday: 6 am-11am (Outside of class hours)


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